The Growing Pains of Grace

I love the warm feeling of God’s love! It’s my favorite. But there’s this thing about REAL love. It’s relentless. It’s borderline obnoxious when it comes to doing what’s best for you.

Sin is not what’s best for you. It kills you. Being like Jesus is what’s best for you.

Grace is God’s supernatural power to help us become like Jesus.

This is why you were born, and it has always been your destiny!
Becoming like Him means growing though, and growth is sometimes painful.  Smith (my6yo son) is growing like a weed! The poor little guy cries at night because his legs hurt. But guess what? The next time we go to DisneyWorld he’ll be able to ride twice as many rides! 

The end result of growth is always pure joy. This what God wants for you!

This is why Jesus’ sermon on the mount was so strict. Love your enemies. Insult someone, and you’re a murderer. A lingering look at a woman? Adultery!

Grace requires more than the law ever did, because it GIVES more than the law ever could. 

As John Bevere says, we’ve undersold grace. It’s not just forgiveness. It’s the invitation AND the empowerment to experience Heaven right here, right now. So whenever you feel convicted about something, get excited! This is the mercy of God inviting you into more bliss! The riches that are in Christ Jesus!

So let the process happen. And know that He won’t leave you alone during the growing pains. He is also super excited about going to DisneyWorld with you : )




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