“Isolation” – Christmas Blog Series – Pt. 2

To be alone is a painful thing.

Many of us with strong, happy families often forget this. And it’s not until we’re in a season of isolation that we really feel it. But many around the world; due to family breakdowns, sickness, poverty, or other life circumstances find themselves alone.


We were made for relationships, and when we’re cut off from them we experience a very intense pain. This is why solitary confinement has been outlawed in many countries. It’s torture.

God is a God of community. He is a triune God. Three in one. God has never been alone because He is self-sufficient. We are made in His image, therefore we have a deep longing for relationship!

When sin entered the world, isolation began.

Adam and Eve found out there was a boundary to paradise… and their sin had put them on the outside of it. I can see them trying to look past the angel’s fiery sword just to get one more glimpse of that place where they had walked with God.

And from that time forward men and women have struggled along on their own, trying their best to relate to one another only to fumble in their attempts. In a sin-marred world, often we find friends only to lose them. Or we give love only to be hurt in return.

But God saw our pain.

I can see Him weeping from the inside of the Garden as Adam & Eve wept on the outside.

Who can solve a problem that sin created? Only the Holy one.

He set a plan into motion.

“They will NOT be alone.” I can hear the Father say to the Heavenly host.

“I will be their friend.” I can hear the Son say, with fire in His eyes.

“I will come along side them.” Said the living Holy Spirit.

And in Bethlehem a baby cried.

Our forever friend had come. A savior who would heal us of our sin make us alive. The Spirit who would fill us and transform us.

A God who would invite us back to the Garden to walk with Him once again.

God with us. Christ in us!

When we say yes to this Jesus, we are never alone. And in the pain of abandonment we can run to the one who will never abandon us.

We begin to see the world as He sees it.

We see people as He sees them, and it changes everything! Every relationship is now experienced through who He is in us.

Every hurt an opportunity to be healed and to release healing. Every attacking enemy, a target for love. Every empty room a place to be filled with God’s presence!

We are never alone. God is with us!


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