“Influencers” – Christmas Series – Pt. 4

There could have been more fanfare.

It’s one of things we can’t help but be shocked by when we read the story of Jesus’ birth. It goes against everything we’ve been trained to value in our modern culture.

Here we have GOD being born as a baby to save the WORLD, and there are no power brokers there. Some animals. His parents. So ordinary.

It wasn’t until He was one or two years old that the wise men came with gifts.

And while we live on our digital stages with bulbs flashing and shutters clicking… streaming our lives to the ends of the earth… we look upon this nativity and see God being born in silent obscurity.

There was an announcement though!  A heavenly press release!

To shepherds.

In the back country.

“Peace on earth! Good will to men!”

The most monumental piece of information since the Ten Commandments, entrusted to men who smelled of sheep.

(More ANIMALS heard these words than humans!)

We are so worried that our messages won’t be heard, and our stories won’t be seen…. and God goes to the guys with no “influence”.

“Influencers.” We love influencers. But this story tells us that God doesn’t need them.

He didn’t need the Sanhedrin to hear His announcement.

He didn’t need the Roman power players to know.

He wanted the humble to hear. Because the Humble one was coming to save the humble… and to use the humble.

Jesus, the consummate “insider.” The one who knows EVERYTHING. Privy to all the grand decisions made from the throne, He comes to hang out with the people on the edges of society!

Who IS this God we serve? He is too wonderful for words!

Jesus didn’t need “influencers”, because He WAS the influencer.

He would influence twelve so deeply as to turn their lives inside out.

And these twelve would turn the world upside down.

He didn’t need fanfare because His success never depended on fanfare.

His success depended on humility, which is utter dependance on the Father.

THIS we see in His birth.

Do you feel like you’re on the outside of the important meetings? Not in the “in” crowd? Take heart, because God loves you and values you. He sees you as an integral part of His redemptive plan.

And when Jesus comes in to transform us, we stop seeing the popular and the powerful as people to be envied or hated. They are people to be loved. People Jesus came to save. People he can use!

But he doesn’t need their influence… they need His.

WE need His.

Let him in this Christmas.


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