In Genesis 11 we see a striking resemblance to our modern culture.

The Babylonians used the technological innovation of their time (brick and mortar) to “build a name for themselves” and to keep them from being “scattered”. Our modern fears are similar…. we don’t want to be nameless and we don’t want to be disconnected.

So we are susceptible to the same temptation of tower building with technology in order to save ourselves.

God mercifully saved them from themselves by foiling their plans!

Thousands of years later, Jesus died on a “tower”. And instead of making a name for himself, He made Himself of “no reputation”. And through his death and resurrection He brought true unity to the nations.

Every tribe and tongue can now experience real significance and connection, not through our own power, but by the blood of Jesus!

How should we use the technological innovations of our time without them “using us”?


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