Very Good News For You

God is all-knowing, all powerful, and loves you a whole bunch.

See! I told you I have good news for you!

Lets review that again:

  1. He’s all-knowing = He knows EVERYTHING.
  2.  He’s all-powerful = He can do ANYTHING.
  3. And He loves you.

The first two are terrifying without the the third one. If you take away the love part, that means He KNOWS WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Yeah. And He is powerful enough to vaporize you for it.


This powerful and perceptive One, LOVES YOU.

And not a limited love as we have. Not a passing feeling, or an affection that doesn’t last. He not only feels love and has deep affection for you… He is the only one who maintain that intensity of love for all eternity. A billions years from now His feelings for you will not have changed! It is impossible for Him to not love you. It’s His very nature.

He loves you so much in fact that He hatched a cosmic rescue plan for you. It was paid for by the unimaginable suffering of His Son Jesus. All so that He could be in relationship with you.

Yeah, He loves you!!!

So remember that today! He’s really smart! Really strong! And He really loves you!

In fact He will continue to use his infinite intellect and power to INVENT ways to prove that love to you.

Trust Him today. Talk to Him. And know that He is on your side!


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