From Adam to Noah

I saw an artifact from ancient Sumeria recently. I couldn’t take a picture of it in the museum but here is a similar one from the same date:


It is from the Mesopotamian region (Iraq-ish) and dates from around 3300 BC to 2900 BC.

Whenever I’m around antiquities I like to pull up a Biblical timeline on my phone so I can cross reference the date of the artifacts with what was happening in the Bible at the same time. *nerd alert* (Try it! It’s fun!)

For anything before 3000 BC, the Bible timeline I had just listed “From Adam to Noah.”

From Adam to Noah.

I looked back up and there it was, a little stone bull staring at me. All I could see… all I could hear… “From Adam to Noah.”

A four word book on the history of man. Our whole story in a sentence.

My analytical side took over. “Who had carved this bull? Did they die in the flood? Were they closer to Adam or Noah on the timeline? Was the date wrong and it was actually made after the flood? How do they even know how old this..”

“From Adam to Noah.”

Adam…. The man who was born into glory but chose sin.

Noah… The man who was born into sin but chose glory.

God always makes a way were there is no way.

Then later I heard another four words….

“From Jesus to You.”

Jesus… The perfect one who had no sin.

You…  The sinner who has been made perfect.

And there that little bull reminded me of how small our works are. All of our striving, and efforts to please God. The blood of bulls and goats… “all for sin could not atone.” But one day the perfect sacrifice would come.

The person who carved this bull was crying out for something, someone.

Jesus…. the second Adam, making right what had gone wrong.

Jesus…. the prophet Noah, calling us to the Ark of salvation.

Jesus…. the Ark, inviting us into His protection.

From Adam to Noah we see sin and pain. But from Adam to Noah we see Jesus.

He is calling out to You. Respond!


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